Reactive Canvas specializes in design and launching MVP (minimum viable product) apps and websites for startups, recognized brands, and entrepreneurs. We work closely with tight-knit teams to define the user experience, branding, and technology solutions required to launch your product. Our design process is heavily influenced by user feedback, so that your business goals can be reached while providing an enjoyable and intuitive experience to your customers.
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Digital Rebates
Disney Infinity
Robots + Rockets
South African Airways
Thales TouchPMU


Design and User Experience

We work with you to create and refine the user experience, as well as visual branding for your products.

Clickable Prototypes
Product Branding
Interaction Design

Development and Prototypes

We cover everything from simple proof of concepts to full releases of your product.

iOS development
Android development
Back-end development
3rd party tools

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Do you also do programming?

Yes, however we usually begin the engagement with design and user experience. After we work with you to define the product, we can also handle the top level architecture, implemention, and shipping of the product.

Can I work with you for the design process only?

Yes, we can start and end the engagement at any point in the design process, whether your at the napkin sketching stage or have full product documentation.

What size and type of companies do you work with?

We work with companies who see the value in collaboration and the design process, and are willing to invest in shipping great digital products. The size of a company isn't as relevant, although we usually fit best with organizations who can move and iterate at a fast pace. Our specialty is working with startups, however we can also bring that expertise to larger brands who are in need of similar deliverables.

How are you different from other firms?

Our goal is to work closely with stakeholders who'd like to release a product while keeping their internal team lean. Many times the app or website that is being released does not have proven traction, which makes it difficult to hire quality talent.. both from a commitment and cost perspective. We help you get your product to market, so you can get your business started and validated before commiting to a larger operation. Once you have the traction needed, we'll help you transition the product in-house.

Do you take on projects with equity?

Yes, in some cases we do. We see equity based products as a commited and involved engagement. If the business and team is the right fit, then we can offer a mixed cash/equity package.

How large is your team?

Ben Faubion, the founder, handles design and user experience. Tak Tsubota, the development parter, handles everything programming related with his development team. Combined, our team consists of 3-5 individuals at any given point.

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