Define and validate your product, or uncover a pain point to solve.

Sketch sessions
Flow maps
Solidify a digital experience with visual design and prototypes.

Visual identity
Create an interactive experience on the web, as an app, or in a physical space.

Touch screen
Electronic sensors


Reactive Canvas is a name for my profession - creating an experience that moves and interacts with the user. I'm an individual based in Austin, TX, who collaborates with agencies, brands, and entrepreneurs to create digital products. I've worked with large companies like Disney, small startups who need to launch an MVP, and a variety of clients in-between. Connect with me on LinkedIn to view my history, or follow me on Twitter to gain some insight into the design field.

- Ben Faubion, Designer and RC Founder

Project Experience

Infinity Websites
Mighty Quest for Epic Loot
Interactive lobby projection
B2B Assessment tools
Ninja and Teyrx Websites
In-flight Entertainment UI
In-flight Entertainment UI
Millsberry Web Games
Quikshow iOS App
Greenfly iOS/Android Apps
Hello Cafe Android App
Subblime Website


Epic Rebates
Disney's Infinity
South African Airways
Thales Touch UI


Do you also do programming?

For larger initiatives I can work with a development partner, or an internal team. I do offer programming services for client-side development such as HTML and CSS. However, I would recommend a dedicated developer for projects that are complex or require a quick turn around.

Can I work with you for the visual or UX design process only?

Yes, I can start and end the engagement at any point in the design process, whether your at the napkin sketching stage or have a full set of wireframes.

What size and type of companies do you work with?

I work with companies who see the value in collaboration and the design process, and are willing to invest in shipping great digital products. The size or type of company isn't as relevant, although I usually fit best with organizations who can move and iterate at a fast pace.

How expensive are your services?

My costs are mid-range, as I bring about 15 years of design experience to the table. I'm not as cheap as a jr. designer, and I'm not as expensive as a small agency. I also can offer discounts for small startups or retainer scenarios. Feel free to email me to discuss your project in detail, and I'd be happy to follow up with a quote and rate.

Do you take on projects with equity?

Yes, in some cases I do. If the business and team is the right fit, then I can offer a mixed cash/equity package.


New Business

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